That Nambale Magnet School(NMS) is a Kenyan-based primary school established in 2009, The school is based in Busia County. a residential school that supports Orphaned and Vulnerable children in rural western Kenya. NMS provides a nurturing environment in which the most destitute of children can access a quality education, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Class, social and economic divisions are being bridged as these children learn alongside other local children whose families can afford to pay their own school fees. Nambale partners provides thoughtful stewardship and a high level of accountability to the donors whose gifts support the school’s laudable objectives.

The school generates income from farming activities and collecting tuition from fee-paying students.

The Nambale Magnet School’s growth has been breathtaking. Since its “pioneer” class in 2009, the school has a population of  over 300 students, from a three-year-old preschool class through eighth grade, more than 45% of whom are on full scholarship. Each year the school has grown by one grade with the addition of a new three-year-old class, as the older students move up to a new grade. The oldest students are currently in college and are pursuing degrees such as aeronautical engineering in Kenya most prestigious colleges.

The academic success of the school since 2016

We have a number of co-curricular activities including a Drama club, Football Club, Rotaract Club, Music program, French Club

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Below is a wide range of facilities the school offers:

  1. Library
  2. Boarding facilities
  3. Information and Communication Technology Labs – ICT labs
  4. Classrooms with interactive Promethean Boards
  5. Outdoor football field,
  6. Indoor Multipurpose Hall
  7. Specialist Art & Music Rooms
  8. Sewing Unit